Launch of Carbon Offset Initiative

In January 2021, Total Recycling launched its Carbon Offset initiative as the start of a 10 year program aiming at reducing the carbon footprint of the company and its customers.

The first phase of the initiative involves planting 100,000 trees across the UK over a 10 year period at a rate of one tree for every vehicle collecting waste from our customers sites every day.

Alex Foreman, Managing Director, commented “I am really excited about this initiative. Our business cares about the environment and we operate at the high levels within the waste sector. If we all took a small positive action, the result would be truly outstanding.”

“This is just the start of our initiative and over the coming years we will be directing our investment program into electric vehicles, renewable energy to power our facilities and the development of new facilities as technologies become available to increase the recycling our customers waste streams.”

As part of this initiative, each customer will be able to see, via our customer portal, how many trees have been planted as a result of collecting waste from their operating facilities. Customers can also get involved in the scheme to donate trees against movements of waste.

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