Working alongside Darlington Assistance for Refugees

We recently met with representatives of Darlington Assistance for Refugees , and were fascinated to hear about the amazing work they undertake , helping refugees feel welcome and safe in our town, and across the North East.

DAR – Darlington Assistance for Refugees is a registered charity (CIO) based in Darlington whose volunteers work alongside refugees and asylum seekers as they rebuild their lives in Darlington (and the North East of England).

With the assistance of DAR and their volunteers , we were able to identify and interview a candidate - who is now a valued full-time member of the Total Recycling Team, and is continuing his education through day release at Darlington College.

Fran Wood ( DAR Chair ) " Your company has been fantastic to work with. I love the way you have welcomed one of our refugees, seeing beyond the language difficulties and recognizing his skills and talents "

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