HGV Driver (Artic, Tanker or Hook-Lift)

UK Full time

You may be expected to travel anywhere in the UK in accordance with this role.

Position in Organisation

  • reports to Transport Manager
  • responsible for driving and carrying out vehicle checks

Job Purpose and Scope of Job

HGV Driver main duties are anything associated with driving and complying with all applicable road, vehicle and waste legislation.The position depends upon the employee being respectful and willing to listen and learn.It is preferred that the employee will have some previous driving experience within a waste management company and hold an ADR qualification.

Responsibility and Accountability

General Responsibilities

Driving and complying with all road, vehicle and waste legislation including maintaining vehicle checks, tachograph and working time records.

Specific Duties and Key Responsibilities

Operating in line with all applicable regulations including driving hours, Carriage of Dangerous Goods and the Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations (ADR), Classification, Labelling, Packaging (CLP) Regulations, LOLER, PUWER, COSHH regulations, the Vehicle Drivers CPC regulations, the Waste England and Wales) regulations, Hazardous Waste Regulations, the Transport Act – section 97 (tachographs). Please note this list of legislation is not exhaustive and others will also apply.

Maintaining vehicle check, tachograph and working time/driver hour’s records, returning the records by the required date as stipulated by the Transport Manager.

Ensuring all vocational cards are in date and contain correct, up to date information inclusive of driving license, DCPC card, ADR card and Driver Card. Also, that originals are available with the employee at all times whilst they complete driving duties.

Completing Waste Notes (hazardous and non-hazardous) paperwork as the carrier of the waste and obtaining signatures of producer and transferor. Also raising these notes from blank records where requested by the Transport Manager or a Director.

Conducting daily checks on vehicles and trailers, reporting defects immediately to the Transport Manager. Communicating problems to the Transport Manager in order that he / she can arrange solutions.

Obeying all traffic signs and signals including those on customers and agents’ sites.

Safely driving the vehicle allocated each day. Ensuring that the trailer, skip, barrel or tanker unit are fit for purpose, meet statutory requirements and remains safe, secure and efficient whilst in Drivers work responsibility.

Ensuring loads and containers are safe to transport, quantities and descriptions are correct to paperwork, containers are labelled, sealed and that compatibility within loads or in tankers is maintained at all times. Notifying the transport office of anomalies, poor practices, unsafe containers or loads and any extra waste so that decisions can be agreed to make safe and make the customer aware of any additional charges.

Working safely to prevent incident to themselves, others, plant and equipment, vehicle, infrastructure, work environment, etc.

Reporting incident (accident) to the Transport Manager or a Director and assisting them with recovery then investigation resultant from it.

Undertaking training provided and attending courses to meet statutory requirements associated with driving, waste collection and delivery, operating road tanker units, confined space entry and hazardous waste movement.

Following instructions given by management, either verbal or written including risk assessments, method statements, COSHH assessments, toolbox talk, duty of care, etc.

Attending health and safety and Drivers meetings as requested.

Assisting with cleaning duties as requested and specifically keeping their vehicles, trailers and road tankers clean, effective and free from cross-contamination to prevent compliant, incident and pollution.

Conducting the roles of first aid representative and fire marshall where they have been given responsibility and training to undertake such roles.

Any other reasonable duties as given by or via the Transport Manager, the Transport Administrator or a Director.


  • Driver Certificate of Professional Competence - DCPC
  • ADR Qualification preferable
  • COSHH advantageous
  • SAFED advantageous
  • Valid HGV entitlement

Personal Characteristics


  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent driving skills to maximise fuel efficiency whilst minimising risk of potential incident.


  • Previous driving experience within a waste management company preferable – hooklifts, trailers or road tanker.


  • Knowledge of appropriate legislation regarding road, vehicle and waste.
  • Knowledge of hazardous substances.

Personal Attributes

  • Willingness to listen and learn
  • Ability to accept orders and requests
  • Courteous, pleasant and respectful
  • Presentable, clean and tidy.
  • Good hygiene.
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